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Remanufacturing is not a new concept though, but eventually gets popular in India among dry type transformer manufacturing units and the users. Industrial clients can save their money while purchasing reconditioned power transformer instead of brand new device.

Remanufactured transformers are kind of up-cycled transformers that are brought in, fixed up to be operational, carefully cleaned and send out the door. These transformers are refurbished and could leave your industrial plant vulnerable if not properly cared and handled.

A comprehensive remanufactured transformer offers far greater security against failures or breakdowns. The manufacturers make a complete rewinding of the primary and secondary coils along with unused high and low voltage bus bars. Manufacturers can keep the original core (90%) and replaced it occasionally as the older steel has less energy efficiency as compared to new core materials.

In case you are looking for remanufactured device, pay close attention to the detail dividends in the remanufacturing process. Check out the hand wiring that ensures the premium quality.

Debarring of the copper conductor will also help in ensuring the insulation is strong and won't get punctured and create a short circuit. In the end, the remanufactured dry type transformer or any other transformer should meet all standards of NEMA, IEEE, and ANSI.

Manufacturers offering remanufactured transformers are also providing easy repairing services to their clients. You can think about purchasing remanufactured device from such suppliers.

How to find them?

Take help of internet and browse online. Many foundries have registered themselves in different business directories. You can look up them and pen down a few names of the companies and their contact details. Once you make a list of suppliers of dry type transformers in India, ask all of them about remanufacturing and repairing services. If they agree to provide remanufactured transformers and repairing services, do compare their offerings with others. At the end, you will get the best one to select.